Kumu ÖÖ 2011

May 20, 2011
Kumu Art Museum, Tallinn

2011 festival program featured concerts by German post-techno trio Mouse on Mars, electronic shoegaze band Seefeel, Andrew Hung, one half of Bristol’s noise duo Fuck Buttons, young and talented Russian electronic musician Mujuice, Swedish indie jazz band Thus:Owls, underground electronic music project Illum Sphere from Manchester, multi-instrumentalist Multiphonic Rodent, Finnish psychedelic indie pop band Eleanoora Rosenholm, producer-composer Marsen Jules and lo-fi pop musician Maria Minerva. Imandra Lake played songs from their widely acclaimed “Seesamseesam”, Laulan Sinule presented their debut “Debüüt” and Väljasõit Rohelisse filled the room with psychedelia.