Liima (DK/FI) “1982” album presentation concert

March 9, 2018
Erinevate Tubade Klubi

On March 9, 2018, Danish-Finnish indie supergroup Liima are presenting their album, „1982“, released last autumn, at the Club of Different Rooms in Tallinn.

Liima’s second full-length album, „1982“, released by Berlin record label City Slang on November 3, carries traces of both Cold War era synth-pop as well as art-rock à la Talk Talk. The album, written in London, Berlin, and Portugal over the last few years and recorded in Finland, is co-produced by Chris Taylor, best known as member of experimental Brooklyn pop group Grizzly Bear.

„1982“, released shortly in the wake of a new season of Stranger Things and „Blade Runner 2049“, would be a great soundtrack to an artsy sci-fi dystopia picture, yet it doesn’t have much in common with retrofuturism, cyberpunk, or nostalgia. It is rather an interpretation of past fantasies of the future. The album is not trying to imitate the sound of 1982, but rather discussing the matters of time, space, and identity, and how they are altered in the subconscious of a generation. Nothing here is intentionally revolutionary or unheard, yet it still comes across as unmistakably unique.