Minister of Culture Indrek Saar’s visit to Sweden with a delegation of Estonian creative entrepreneurs

August 24-25, 2017

Shiftworks is proud to have been part of the organising team of Minister of Culture Indrek Saar’s working visit to Stockholm together with a delegation of Estonian creative entrepreneurs. It was the first joint delegation abroad of this kind in the history of the Ministry of Culture (Kultuuriministeerium), hosted jointly with Enterprise Estonia and the Estonian Embassy in Stockholm, in collaboration with Tallinn Music Week/Shiftworks and the Estonian Design Centre. The focus of the visit was two-fold: learning and exchange on the topic of creative industries and combining our brain power on how to strengthen a hub of positivity in Narva. These two days managed to encompass a month worth of knowledge, learning, debate, and deep discussion; fun, arts, and inspiration.

The delegation assembled by the Ministry of Culture and Enterprise Estonia included representatives from the following: the Estonian Design Centre, Tallinn Film Wonderland, Tallink Group, PRFoods, Tallinn Music Week/Shiftworks, Music Estonia, Telliskivi Creative City, GameFounders, Allianss Architects, Idea, Narva Gate, Telia Estonia, Brand Manual, Siena Capital Partners, and the Arvo Pärt Centre, as well as Narva city architect Ivan Sergeyev.  

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Photos by Kadri Unt