Opening of the new EAA building and housewarming party

August 27, 2018
Estonian Academy of Arts

The dream of hundreds or even thousands EKA-dians was fulfilled – at last, they were moving to the new house. The new EAA building, located on the edge of Kalamaja and offering breathtaking views of the Old Town, the vibrant Creative City, the Bay of Tallinn and the Baltic Station Market  became home to architects, designers, artists, art writers, curators, heritage conservation specialists, digital designers, urbanists, animated film directors, ideas, creation, books, environmental designers and those who save. It deserved speeches, celebration, cries of joy and a grand party!

The jollities were strengthened by a party, featuring a total of four stages and bands and DJs comprising of EKA alumni, students and their friends. Among others, taking to the stage will be the legendary Kukerpillid, who got their start more than four decades ago at the parties of the then-Art Institute, noise-rock band Zahir, who in the 90s were active in the former shooting range of the art academy called Heven, the improvisatory project Marko Mägi Trio, led by meta-artist Kiwa, experimental producer Aivar Tõnso, art-hop act San Hani, and DJ-s Erkki Tero, Janek Murd, Jan Tomson, Johann Kolmtuhat and Johanna Tenso.

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