Vabaduse Laul

August 20, 2011
Tallinn Song Festival Grounds, Tallinn

The 20th anniversary of the restoration of Estonian independence was celebrated with “Vabaduse laul” (“Song of Freedom”) concert at The Tallinn Song Festival Grounds. The main performer of “Vabaduse laul” were the Estonian people, who were the most important part of the anniversary with their presence and open mind. Stories, songs and thoughts were shared by Justament, Riho Sibul, Mari Kalkun, Dagö, Vaiko Eplik, Jaak Johanson, Malcolm Lincoln, Iiris, Jarek „Chalice“ Kasar and Ewert & the Two Dragons.

The event was also attended by several performers from foreign countries, including Sinead O’Connor from Ireland, who’s 1990 Rock Summer concert was cancelled for political reasons, Sami revolutionary Mari Boine from Norway with her ancient Sami joik singing, Kimmo Pohjonen from Finland, Latvian stadium rockers Brainstorm and Estonian Kerli, who had been living and working in the US for some time at that point.