VI Youth Work Forum NOORUM: Back to the future!?

October 4 – October 5, 2018
Kino Kosmos

Taking place at the Kosmos cinema in Tallinn, the youth work forum NOORUM with the subtitle “Back to the future!?” saw youth policy influencers, youth workers, scientists, experts and young people discuss the challenges that young people will face in the next decade.

The forum was opened by the Minister of Education and Research Mailis Reps who said that the demographic, environmental, technological, economic and geopolitical changes taking place in society pose multiple and difficult challenges for all of humanity. “The changes in the development of technologies are especially remarkable and unpredictable, in this regard we also lack the experience of previous generations. Young people have an ever-growing role in finding solutions,” said Reps.

In addition to young people and youth workers, also speaking at the forum were OECD experts Moritz Ader and Miriam Allam, Keit Kasemets from the Estonian office of the European Commission, historian and Estonian Academy of Arts professor David Vseviov, president of the Estonian Academy of Sciences Tarmo Soomere, deputy director of Statistics Estonia Andres Kukke, Luminor Estonia chairman of the board Gunnar Toomemets, president of the Estonian Student Councils Union Marcus Ehasoo, the head of Tallinn Children’s Hospital Mental Health Centre Anne Kleinberg, Ministry of Social Affairs future of work advisor Mihkel Kaevats, designer Jane Oblikas, and others. The forum was led by Kristi Jüristo and Anatoli Tafitšuk.

The youth work forum was organised by the Ministry of Education and Research in collaboration with the Estonian Youth Work Centre. Shiftworks participated as a programme partner and worked on production and communication for the project.