Founded in 2009, Shiftworks (named Musiccase until 2017) specializes in events production, music-based and artistic content promotion as well as initiation and execution of marketing, communication and creative projects on international, national and regional scale. Besides creating and implementing renowned international events like the annual talent festival Tallinn Music Week (TMW), the company’s portfolio includes promotion and communication of conferences, client events, creative concepts, and various B2B and B2C projects. Shitworks’ outcomes are shifts in awareness, attitudes, and behaviour – either corporate, social, or cultural.

Creative and communicative expertise combined with the focus on artistic value and sustainable impact in the society makes Shiftworks one of the most unique and complex innovators of novel concepts across the Baltic region.

  • Mission

    Improving quality of life and environment, developing the society by spreading creative thinking and values.

  • Vision

    Positive impact in the society through the creation and implementation of talent networks and multi-disciplinary services and collaboration models.

  • Values

    Creativity: openness to accept, foster and carry out novel and sometimes unexpected ideas from diverse walks of life.

    Equality and sustainability: equal opportunities, collective responsibility and empowerment to diverse forms of thought and self-expression, regardless of gender, nationality and points of view that pose no threat to others.

    Cooperation: between people, identities ideas, initiatives, brands, organizations, disciplines and countries.

  • Sales Network

    B2B: Participation in international networking events, national and international associations and working groups; network of national and international collaborations, clients and sponsors.

    B2C: Company owned websites and social media channels with a working promotion and sales network to broad client groups.

  • Partners

    Among our international and national partners are ministries and other public sector organizations, creative enterprises, cultural institutions, NGOs, development organizations, telecommunication and IT-companies, international funds, engineering and rental companies, airlines, hotel chains.

  • Competitive Advantage

    Shiftworks combines a unique mix of creative and communicative expertise as well as broadly diverse, international network of partners and collaborators that is unusual for any company in the Baltics, operating in analogous fields. Being an innovator and initiator of novel concepts in the region, the company’s capacity to deliver is still in its early development phase and its potential yet to be fulfilled.

  • The Future

    Shiftworks has expanded the company’s activities from primarily music-centered events promotion, evolving into the initiator, producer and service provider for multi-disciplinary events and communication projects. Shiftworks will continue to focus more on inventing and implementing high-level creative concepts that strive for societal impact by incorporating elements of events production, artistic content curation, consulting, marketing and communication in cooperation with versatile creative teams.

    Shiftworks offers impact as a service, in accordance with its values, and initiates and implements various mixed-discipline projects feasible for the company. The company’s vision is achieving positive and sustainable impact in the society.