Station Narva 2021 was the first international festival in Esto successfully apply health pass and rapid testing solution


Station Narva 2021 pealava Hermanni linnuse Põhjaõuel. Foto: Svetlana Zaitseva
Station Narva 2021 pealava Hermanni linnuse Põhjaõuel. Foto: Svetlana Zaitseva

The fourth edition of the music and city festival Station Narva that to utilise a safety zone by implementing the digital COVID-19 pass and rapid testing.

Station Narva 2021 pealava Hermanni linnuse Põhjaõuel. Foto by Svetlana Zaitseva[/caption]

Station Narva filled the border to take a closer look at the unique dacha lifestyle in suburban Kudruküla.

The festival allowed access only tors came with a digital COVID certificate and 47% with a negative rapid antigen test, taken on location. No positive results were found in the course of testing.

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The centre of this year’s event was the Narva Museum, along with the histo the beloved Art Club Ro-Ro on the banks of River Narva.


 Kudruküla daatšatuur: Foto by Ilja Smirnov[/caption]

The castle’s Western Yard saw both the opening of the Station Narva urban art competition winning project “Street Library” by <b data-src=Veera Gontšugova and public talks on the scale of an election debate hosted by the local BAZAR initiative. The creative incubato exhibition “4+4= infinity” and the public premier of the VR application “Invisible Narva”, created by the Baltic Film and Media School’s MEDIT centre.

Tours tors and shared the bounty of their gardens, smart DIY-design tips as well as recipes for living the dream.

Station Narva visiton spinning mill, see the exhibitions at the Narva Museum Art Gallery, enjoy a Narva-style breakfast at the VitaTiim informal learning centre, and attend free city stage gigs across the city.

Comments from the representatives of Narva, the festival performers and partners

Mayor of Narva Katri Raik:
“What city wouldn’t want a festival of national, or even international importance! Narva has that now. In its fourth year, you could feel that the locals had found Station Narva and accepted it as their own. It is very important that the festival has a strong local team and cooperates with local companies and organisations. That has helped Station Narva take root in a deep way. I very much appreciate Station Narva’s boldness, professionalism, and constantly working towards doing it even better the next time around. Persistence is the key!”

Executive Board member of the Narva Museum Maria Smorzhevskihh-Smirnova:
“Narva Museum has been host to the museum.”

Head of the Integration Foundation Irene Käosaar:
“Station Narva has become a part of Narva. In addition to take part in here.”

For the Russian-Tatar duo AIGEL, playing at the Station Narva was the first post-pandemic show abroad. “Everyone was smiling and giving off such a positive charge. We really didn’t expect such a warm welcome, because we had no idea whether people knew our songs here or whether they would understand us. The reception was fantastic.”

Head of Community Affairs of Station Narva and BAZAR founder Valeria Lavrova:
“It was great that this year we had tour they were all in high spirits and they had a great time. It was a truly heartfelt experience!”

According to Narva, who appreciate our vision. While before our club had the reputation of a slightly strange, marginal place, then now we can see the respect. That makes us really happy!”

Owner of Café Muna  Riho Leppik:
“The economic impact of Station Narva on small businesses that provide to find accommodation outside the city. At the same time, the share of locals in the cityscape and at festival-related events increased both visibly and audibly this year.”

Station Narva 2021 was organised by the company Shiftworks in cooperation with the Narva team. The organising team thanks all the performers, visitors, partners and volunteers.

Station Narva 2021 music festival performers: A Guy Called Gerald (UK), AIGEL (RU), AveNue (EE), Caspar Mágus (EE), Discours Synthetique (RU), Holy Motonian Electronic Music Society (EE), The RIG.(Russian Improv Group) (RU), Vaiko Eplik & Eliit (EE), View (FI), YASMYN (EE), УЕ (EE).

Partners: Narva Museum, Art Club Ro-Ro, OBJEKT, BAZAR, Narva Art Residency, Meeskond Security, Eldred, Narva Hospital, VitaTiim, Spinnaker, Narva City Development Foundation

Media partners: Postimees Group, Raadio 2, Põhjarannik

Production: Damn.Loud, Soundhouse, ShowEx, Strikken, Event Media, Ramirent, Storent, BGMD, RGB Baltic, Kemmerling, Fom-In-Art

Design and website: Erkin Antov

Interior design: Ott Kangur

Narva Museum’s lighting solution: Cuu Club, René Jõhve

Video: Vita Pictura, Ivar Murd

Photographers: Aron Urb, Anastassia Volkova, Anna Markova, Tanel Tero, Jegor Andreev, Daniil Širjajev, Lija Kobrisseva, Alesja Matrossova, Irina Kivimäe, Ilja Smirnov

Catering: Restaurant Rondeel, Muna Café & Catering, Van Foodie, Sushi Tiger, Alex Street Food,, Moe Distillery, Marjamäe, ROOTS coffee shop

Thanks to: Pavel Muravjov, Chairman of the trade union Vesna; Galina Vinogradova, Chairman of the trade union Elektron; Narva Youth Center

Supporters: the City of Narva, the Estonia

Station Narva’s international activities introducing Estourism destination of music and culture are supported by The European Regional Development Fund.

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